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Smile Makeover in Tijuana, Mexico

Smile Makeover Tijuana

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You’ve heard this saying many times, right? So what does your smile say about you? If you like yourself looking the best, and wish to say a lot with your smile, you have come to the right place. Our staff of highly professional dentists in Tijuana is ready to make your smile a special one.

A combination of treatments such as veneers, dental crowns, teeth whitening, fillings, and even implants, combine themselves to make it possible for you to have that beautiful smile! Unlike a rehabilitation treatment, a “Smile Makeover” is designed to give you a 100% aesthetic result.

Cost of Smile Makeover Treatment in Tijuana

In recent times, Tijuana, Mexico has become one of the best tourist destinations for dental treatment. To demonstrate an example of the cost when compared to prices in the U.S. or Canada lets look at the following exercise:

A procedure requested by many of our patients is the “Full Smile Rejuvenation” which costs about $14,500 and consists of:

-24 Ceramic Crowns(including temporary crowns).
-Free Transportation from the San Diego Airport.
-7 days in a 5-star hotel including breakfast and free internet in your hotel room, located within walking distance of our office (no need for any transportation to and from your appointment)

The cost of a treatment similar to this in the U.S. is around $ 52,000!. The savings to you would be almost 70% by having your procedure at our dental clinic in Tijuana!

The moment of change is here, you are just a phone call away from having your smile talking about you. Contact us today and we will help you with all the doubts and questions you might have about our treatment plans, directions, accommodations, and anything else you need to know. Call us now and make your appointment, we can evaluate your case and give you the best options for your dental treatment.

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