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Many people today are suffering from Temporomandibular joint disorder, TMJD, also known as TMJ Sometimes they feel constant headaches and earaches followed by noises, popping, clicking when opening and closing, or simply not being able to open and close your mouth. Fatigue and/or pain in your neck, back, hips, knees, shoulders and arms accompanied with nausea, depression, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

For over 20 years Dr. Limon has been focusing on bite correction dentistry and the remarkable results that can be achieved. While the health improvements that his patients experience are remarkable the anti-aging results are truly unprecedented.

Chewing Better & Looking Younger

When it comes to chewing we tend to take it at face value. Rarely do we think about our chewing motion and analyze the power or efficiency of our bite. It is just one of those things that we accept as it is. Even if there is something wrong it is quite common to ignore the problem or blame it on something other than our bite position. The only way to chew thoroughly and comfortably is to have and good jaw and bite position where the two are working in tandem with one another. When any part of the chewing system is out of synch, it can lead to many symptoms that are rarely attributed to the actual problem of a bad bite.Sometimes bad bites subconsciously and consciously force us to stop chewing our food thoroughly. When it is difficult or painful to close your teeth together we simply get by with chewing as little as possible. This in turn introduces partially broken down food into our digestive tract asking it to do the work that our bite should have done. Overtime digestive issues such as acid reflux can occur as your body struggles to digest unprocessed food.

Feeling Younger is Far Better than just Looking Younger

There is nothing better than bringing together the best of both worlds… By creating the most ideal bite and jaw position for TMJ comfort and chewing efficiency the health of your entire body improves. At the same time the bite and jaw re-positioning can yield unprecedented anti-aging results. A weak lower jaw and chin can become stronger. A short round face can be elongated for a softer and more youthful oval shape. Fine lines around small lips become supported for fullness. So much can be accomplished from a facial standpoint all without surgery or fillers. The entire treatment is without any recovery time because your teeth are not being ground down. You can have the smile and jaw comfort that you have always wanted without making a sacrifice to the health of your teeth.

If you have any specific health or cosmetic goals in mind give the office a call us to schedule a consultation and discuss your issues today at 1(619) 906-7481.

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